Social Policy

The most valuable asset of the company - its people. JSC “DNIPROAZOT” personal is proud of their team and its labor dynasties.

Created by theadministration conditions for the growth of the welfare of employees, support and development initiatives, personnel, preservation and enhancement of the historical traditions of the plant is actively supported by the staff and the trade union committee.

JSC "DNIPROAZOT" - city-forming enterprise, and is one of the largest employers and taxpayers in Kamianske city. Social policy of the company is aimed at increasing efficiency, social protection of workers and the maintenance of stability in the workforce.

The main tasks of social policy are:

The company provides an extensive social infrastructure. At the disposal of the employees and their families, the Palace of Culture of chemists, sports club "Promin," sanatorium "Chemist". Through the efforts of the administration and trade union committee constantly improve the quality of rest, is expanding its geography. Many worker of our plant and their family members for the first time to discover the beauty and grandeur of the Ukrainian Carpathians, exotic Turkey, the ancient culture of Egypt and the UAE.

Palace of Culture "Chemist" - the special pride of the enterprise. It carried out some of the best in the city cultural events. Especially popular among the residents of the area and workers competition "Light your star", "Miss DNIPROAZOT".Club for the Lightheaded and Quick-witted, "Finest hour of our family" and many others. Each year, with the support of the administration of the trade union committee, rent pool "MiComp", home of the favorite with all the sporting event among our workers "Water extravaganza." Ongoing friendly competition not only allow to show resourcefulness and identify talents of participants, but also contribute to the cohesion of the team, gaining respect and popularity among his colleagues, form new traditions of corporate culture.

A special pride of the team - a museum of history of the enterprise, which was the first pass for many who just opened a new page of its working life, and a shrine for those who stick forever with "Azot".

All events of the company, its a bumpy ride and bright victories throughout the seventy-seven years highlights worthy of the creative team of factory newspaper "Panorama of Azot," the newspaper, which is still "fighting the podium" personal of JSC "DNIPROAZOT."

JSC "DNIPROAZOT" - a company where every employee appreciates the workplace, where it is respected, where demand experience and professionalism. Where are all working towards a common goal.